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Assistance on Tier 2 Sponsor Licence for UK Business.

We assist UK Businesses to apply Sponsor Licence (SL).  Home office has introduced this license for UK Businesses to recruit None EU, staff.  This could be Tier 4 (Student) or T1 (PSW) currently in the UK or if the Business wants to recruit a staff from abroad provided they fulfil home office requirements.

Sponsor Licence Application steps

  • Pre Licence Audit to confirm that you are eligible for a licence, you must provide the supporting documents listed in Appendix A and any more documents which will assist your application.Check your HR system, Meeting with Directors and potential Authorising Officer/ Level 1 Users of the company.
  • FeedBack: Give detail feedback report based on the meeting, and give recommendation which will include best practices.
  • Assistance on Sponsor Licence Application:  Once all the required documents are ready to submit,we will assist your company to apply for the sponsor licene.

We also assist companies,  on the following

  •  Managing Sponsor Management System (SMS) on your behalf or Train your Staff to manage the system.
  • Issuing Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) on your behalf for the potential employee who has been offered a job.
  • Requesting further Certificate of sponsorship (COS) on your behalf should you need any more COS depending on the situation.
  • Assistance on Labour Market Test, as per the home office guidence.
  • Assistance on Action Plan given by the Home office to imporve Rating i.e from B-rating (Transitional rating)  to A-rating. Your sponsor licence will be at risk if you dont act on the Action Plan with in 3 months.

The Home Office have indicated that they will want to do either a pre or post licence application review of the HR systems and processes. In conducting this review, the Home Office would rate the sponsor’s HR systems and processes based on the following 5 Key Areas.

Key Compliance Areas for HR 

1 Monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal employment.

2 Maintaining migrant contact details

3 Record keeping and recruitment practices

4 Migrant tracking and monitoring

5 General sponsor duties


Assistance on UK Company Incorporation.

Advise on Health and Safety (H&S)  and Human Resources (HR)

Please consult our Trusted Partner  Peninsula  (Business Services)

The advantages and benefits of outsourcing your HR

By Director,  Nicholas A Babington

When you are running a business your time is already precious. You have important demands such as making money, meeting the requirements of your clients, and ensuring productivity. So the last thing you wish to worry about is HR are and red tape. That is why it is beneficial to outsource your HR. There are a number of benefits, firstly it’s frees up your time to concentrate on core commitments. Looking after your staff should be a priority however when it comes to documentation, policies and procedures it becomes a logistical issue. Someone like Peninsula will take this off your hands and we will arrange for the right documentation to be produced for your business.

The most important asset of your business is your staff, so a great HR department demands resources and oversight to ensure that your staff are looked after. HR can also drain your time and money, recruiting a HR manager or indeed the services of a solicitor can prove to be costly, draining the financial resources of a small business, especially as they charge by the hour. Using someone like Peninsula is cost effective as we offer a set price no matter how many times you utilise the service.

Compliance is something all businesses need to take seriously. There are a whole lot of HR regulations that businesses of all sizes need to follow. In addition failing to comply with the law can result in you being taken to employment tribunal, again this can be bad publicity for you and your business. Using an organisation like Peninsula will help because we can stay on top of your HR requirements and ensure that you stay on top of the law.

Outsourcing HR also improves recruitment. Do you know of the questions you are not supposed to ask at a job interview? Are you aware an employee has employment rights even before they commence work with you? Well someone like Peninsula will advise you on recruitment best practice and how to follow the law. We can also help to ensure that you recruit the best person, and with over 100 employment law consultants with years of HR experience coupled with their knowledge of employment law, we can advise business on recruitment best practice.

Finally we may be able to help you access the latest HR tools and technology wherever you are in the world. For example hronline is a online tool for HR professionals that allows you to manage your HR staffing requirements and documentation wherever you are, on whatever computer, whether it be a desktop, laptop, iPad or any other mobile device. This will also be backed up by access to our 24 hour advice service for guidance on all HR issues .

How many solicitors or other legal organisations can provide you with this service? If they do it will be costly. In addition if you employ a HR person they will still not have time to meet all of your HR requirements. In addition outsourcing to someone like Peninsula can also offer peace of mind through our indemnity scheme. This means advice obtained by Peninsula, providing it is followed and adhered to, will ensure that if you are taken to Employment Tribunal then you will be indemnified against any costs and awards should you lose, in other words we pay out. All of this is peace of mind for you and can only be offered when outsourcing your HR to someone like Peninsula.


Importance of  H&S

Fines imposed on companies that breach health and safety regulations have risen by 60 per cent over the past four years according to a new government report.

Research carried out by the Health and Safety Executive into the impact of the Health and Safety Offences Act 2008 on fines set by UK courts for health and safety breaches has found a significant rise in penalties since the legislation came into force on 16 January 2009.

The average fine courts have imposed for breaches of health and safety regulation alone has risen from £4,577 to £7,310 over this period. When it comes to cases that breach both health and safety regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act the fines have risen from an average of £13,334 to £16,730, an increase of 25 per cent.

 So think about it and give me a call on Nick Babington on 07896 036993 or should you have any questions or indeed wish to know more about outsourcing your HR Or Improving your Company’s H&S Standards contact to Peninsula.  

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